Interested in a one-on-one mail art exchange?   Check here for names and addresses of others who enjoy swapping handmade post cards or other types of mail art.  Add your name and mailing address at the bottom of the page to introduce yourself!  If you don't feel comfortable posting your mailing address, you might start with a contact email address. 
You may send mail to anyone on the list.  
Be sure to include your return address. 

Use this page for names/addresses/
introductions only.
This list is a lot easier to read when there are no additional comments.  Post personal responses or messages to the 
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The  "WANNA TRADE?"  page is another place to 
initiate one-on-one specific themed/media swaps.

This "INFORMAL EXCHANGE" page gets
refreshed at the beginning of each new year.

Unfortunately, I can not guarantee that, if you send art out, you will receive art back, but that is the hope.  You shouldn't have to do this, but - you could indicate whether  you are sending a "gift" or if you want to exchange art.  "Hope to hear back from you" is self-explanatory, smiles.

PLEASE put your return mailing address on every piece of mail 
you send out, in case there is a delivery problem.  
Including your email address allows recipients to respond more quickly. 

For INTERNATIONAL SWAPPING:  Indicating the country of 
mail origin and country to which you are sending mail, in larger/bold letters 
last thing on the address and self-address labels, will help assure delivery.  

If you are having trouble adding, editing or deleting your information,
 just send me an email  and I'll be happy to help you.   


  1. Will trade: ATCs, ATCoins, Twinchies and Inchies. Send me some and I will mail in return.

    Robin Walters
    14602 Old Greensboro Road
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

    Email: RobinWalters1992@gmail.com

  2. Fatredant
    PO Box
    Wells, VT 05775

  3. Valerie Kemp
    204 N. Plantation Place
    Anaheim, CA 92806

    I hope to be participating in PC swaps more. I have cancelled postage stamps for anyone who wants some.Happy New Year!

    1. Would love some of your cancelled postage stamps. thank you
      PO Box 1077
      Hogansburg, NY. 13655

  4. Hello,
    I would love to get more involved in MMSA informal swaps again and am looking for regular mail art exchange pals. I live in Vienna, Austria, and will reply to any mail art I receive. I do a lot of collages, but also love lettering, stitching and any kind of mixed media resulting from all my interests.

    Andrea Farthofer
    Viehtriftgasse 10/16
    A-1210 Vienna

  5. Conner Lars
    1839 Tyler St. APT 8
    Conway, AR 72032

    I make zines, ATCs, collages, and prints, mostly! I collect washi tape, stamps, and empty cigarette packs from other countries (kinda yucky, I know) and love receiving zines, prints, patches, ATCs, or anything you'd like to send me! I always generally include a little letter as well, so if you're looking for a low commitment penpal, I'm your guy.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  6. lorraine.rush2112@gmail.com

    artists wanting to swap ATCs, envelope art, index cards, rolodex cards, postcards, tags, mini books, coins..
    contact me (Leah) at the above email.

  7. Hey Everyone, I love to swap any kind of mail art. I will always send something back if you send mail. See you at the mailbox!
    1726 Lind Lane
    Gurnee, IL 60031 USA

  8. greetings from idaho ... am looking to swap/trade in 2019 .... i am still fairly new to the concept, so i need to build up a collection .... but i am retired, so am lucky to be able to make art every day! i would like to focus on ATCs, artist trading coins (both paper/multimedia and polymer clay) and inchies for now ... here is email for now, will provide mailing address privately ... badd.mamma.jamma@gmail.com

  9. The Introverted Post
    PO BOX 132
    Bath, OHIO
    44210 USA
    Quarterly Mail Art Book/portable museum
    Send anything - I art back.

  10. I'd like to have my students swap bookmarks and bookmarks

    Susan Walker
    217 Merriman Dr,Harm Har PA 16037

  11. Sarah, I cannot remember when I first joined MMSA, I have had many hours of entertainment doing the swaps.
    Sarah Cavanaugh
    697 Fair View Ave.
    Penn Yan, NY 14527

  12. Hello all! I'm happy to swap ATCs, coins and PCs or small altered items (clothespins, match boxes, Altoid tins, etc). Please email me at gbmiller68@gmail.com, if you would like to swap.

  13. Hi there!
    My name is Ellie and I am studying for my Masters degree at the Arts University in Bournemouth, England. I would love to swap art works/prints/collages!
    Email me at: beyouproudly@gmail.com if you would like to swap!

  14. Would love to swap, ATCs, mail art, postcards. Also, am a public school art teacher always looking for artists to swap with and share with my students the world of mail art!

    Email me if interested in a swap with me or multiple ATCs /Postcards to swap with my students (ages 5-18).

    My students have LOVED all previous art and notes sent! (Especially international!) Thank you, thank you!!

    Art at us, we also art back!
    breblur(at)gmail.com for mailing address!

  15. Would love to trade any type of mail art. I like postcards , vintage ephemera, collage and much much more. I will respond to anything sent.

    Mandy Janeway
    11134 W. Mogollon Rim Dr.
    Marana , AZ 85658

  16. Let's exchange art!
    Heide Monster
    4010 Galway Lane
    Houston TX 77080

  17. From a new swapper:

    I live on a reservation in an isloated location but have 2 mailing addresses. My US address is:

    PO Box 1077
    Hogansburg, NY 13655

    My International address is:

    PO Box 384, 27 Sweet Grass Lane
    Akwesasne, QC H0M 1A0 Canada

    Her email: Kayenderes@bell.net

  18. Mail me something and I'll send you something back.
    Melanie Lucas
    5712 Woodridge Lane
    Sherwood, AR 72120

  19. i like to make postcards and paper dollies and little witchy things. let's exchange some mail art.

    aka Velcrow
    c/o R.Isabell
    20 12th St #527
    san francisco ca 94103 usa

  20. Jaycee Shepherd
    My email address : jshepherd03@rangers.nwosu.edu
    I am interested in being a pen pal with someone who wants to exchange mail art and write to each other back and forth casually :) or maybe just whatever pleases you at the time, excluding profanity and nudity. Let's trade some mail art :)

  21. Hello! My name is Lilac I'm 22, my favorite color is turquoise! I have a dog and 2 cats. I'm searching for an art swap buddie, and maybe some other fun things to swap. Im a painter and a crafter. I'm still figuring out my style so I dont quite know what it is yet, I like POP surrealism, abstract, and very colorful art. Heres my email, Lilac20go@gmail.com

  22. I took a long hiatus from mailing art, but have recently gotten the urge to get back into it! Send me anything, I'll reciprocate! Also getting some addresses from here in order to start sending!
    Tammy Riggins
    1802 Whispering Hills Trail
    Clarksville, TN 37043 USA

  23. Faith Diaz
    P.O. Box 37510
    San Antonio, TX

    1. Hi Faith, I would love to hear from you again if you are still up to swapping with Austria. Kind regards from Vienna, Andrea

    2. Faith: Message waiting on BULLETIN BOARD.

  24. Any and all postal offerings will be cheerfully received,
    and will be answered with reciprocal of mailart,ATC's,Collage Postcards.
    2122 swan drive
    norwalk Iowa

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  26. I have been a member of this group 4-5 years.
    This past year I’ve taken a bit of a break. I’m back on the planet again if you would like to trade small pieces of art, postcards, Atcs etc.
    Nancy Calvert
    1013 Chapel Hill
    St. Peter’s, Mo. 63376