Interested in a one-on-one mail art exchange?   Check here for names and addresses of others who enjoy swapping handmade postcards or other types of mail art.  Add your name and mailing address at the bottom of the page, and  introduce yourself!  If you don't feel comfortable posting your mailing address, you might start with a contact email address. 
You may send mail to anyone on the list.  
Be sure to include your return address. 

Let's keep this page for names/addresses/introductions only.
This list is a lot easier to read when there are no additional comments.  Personal responses or messages ought to be posted to the Received/Messages/Comments page. 

The  "WANNA TRADE?"  page is another place to 
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PLEASE put your return mailing address on every piece of mail 
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For INTERNATIONAL SWAPPING:  Indicating the country of 
mail origin and country to which you are sending mail, in larger/bold letters 
last thing on the address and self-address labels, will help assure delivery.  

If you are having trouble adding, editing or deleting your information,
 just send me an email  and I'll be happy to help you.   


  1. Dee Rodrigues
    Postnet Suite 565
    Private Bag X3
    Northriding, 2162
    E-mail - mrodrigues63@telkomsa.net

  2. Will trade: ATCs, ATCoins, Twinchies and Inchies. Send me some and I will mail in return.

    Robin Walters
    14602 Old Greensboro Road
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

    Email: RobinWalters1992@gmail.com

  3. Fatredant
    PO Box
    Wells, VT 05775

    1. Hi Fatredant, Is there a post office box number we should use?

  4. Valerie Kemp
    204 N. Plantation Place
    Anaheim, CA 92806

    I hope to be participating in PC swaps more. I have cancelled postage stamps for anyone who wants some.Happy New Year!

  5. Hello,
    I would love to get more involved in MMSA informal swaps again and am looking for regular mail art exchange pals. I live in Vienna, Austria, and will reply to any mail art I receive. I do a lot of collages, but also love lettering, stitching and any kind of mixed media resulting from all my interests.

    Andrea Farthofer
    Viehtriftgasse 10/16
    A-1210 Vienna

  6. Conner Lars
    1839 Tyler St. APT 8
    Conway, AR 72032

    I make zines, ATCs, collages, and prints, mostly! I collect washi tape, stamps, and empty cigarette packs from other countries (kinda yucky, I know) and love receiving zines, prints, patches, ATCs, or anything you'd like to send me! I always generally include a little letter as well, so if you're looking for a low commitment penpal, I'm your guy.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  7. lorraine.rush2112@gmail.com

    artists wanting to swap ATCs, envelope art, index cards, rolodex cards, postcards, tags, mini books, coins..
    contact me (Leah) at the above email.