Thursday, September 12, 2019

ZANY ZENTANGLES - Post Card Swap - Postmark by October 7th

by Beau Sinkler

Your host for this swap, Beau, is extending an invitation to beginners and experienced Zentangles designers alike to create 1 - 4 post cards to exchange with other artists.  Zentangles are an exercise in creativity and focus, often created in black-on-white, although adding colors is certainly a lovely option.  There are many, many examples on Pinterest and Google to inspire.   MMSA had a  previous Zentangles swap in March - May of 2014.
Beau Sinkler

The sample below was an ambitious endeavor started some years ago... It illustrates the concept of drawing outlines, then filling in areas with a variety of repeating patterns.  Beau suggests using pencil to draw your outlines.

UFO by Honi C.


Some simple filler shapes could be stripes, spirals, dots, diamonds,
circles, triangles, squares, zig-zags, checkerboards, etc.

For example, you could repeat leaf shapes inside an area, or draw stripes and fill in every other one with black or colored pens or pencils.  Sometimes the spaces make the designs, other times the drawings do. Simple patterns are just as effective as elaborate ones. 

Beau Sinkler

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