Friday, April 27, 2018

Dendritic Patterns Post Card Swap - Postmark by May 21st

For the background or main elements in this paint technique swap, use patterns made by "smooshing paint drops" between two non-porous surfaces, i.e. clear lucite container lids, a mirror, or a smooth glass or plastic cutting board. 

CAUTION:  Please do not use thin plate glass, we do not want any cuts fingers or other injuries while making art...

You will end up with two mirror-image designs each time, unlike mono-printing which results in only one unique print.

Liquid craft acrylic paints work for me.  I don't know if other types of paint would give the same results or not.  

After I drop paint on one surface and cover it with another, I press with my thumb or finger to make the drops or drizzles spread out.  

Then I carefully separate the two layers and lay a piece of paper or cardstock on each paint design, pressing gently to pick up the paint.  Don't move the paper around or you will lose the patterns.

You can create a scene using the dendritic shapes as a background, or you can make the shapes and then cut them up and use them as flower petals, leaves, trees, balloons, abstract designs, etc.  

You can also layer several different dendritic patterns on one piece of paper like I did on the red, white, gold and black sample below.  Let your imagination take off!  
  Gently press paper onto paint patterns.
Do NOT rub paper around or you will lose the patterns.

It's okay to add other elements to your piece of mail art as long as the dendritic designs don't get buried.

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