Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Twelve-Steps Art Challenge - Part 6

One from Angelina

One from Carlos:

One from Diego:

One from Emma:

One from Enrique:

One from Frank:

One from Jocelyn:

One from Joel:

One from Lily:

One from Megan:

One from Mercedes:

One from Michael:

One from Sahian:

One from Somy:

One from Victoria:


  1. Are these from school kids? :-)

    1. Yes, and I was so glad that their teacher introduced them to Mail Art. I think they all did a very good job. Honi

  2. I received one of these - the one from Lily - but since they don't have an email address I can't contact the teacher to let them know it arrived. I gather a class of school children did this? How fun for them!