Saturday, January 20, 2018

GRID-Design Post Card Swap - Postmark by February 26th

Gelli Plate Print with hardware cloth

The basis for this swap is a "Grid" design.  This involves a pattern of parallel and perpendicular lines which intersect, forming square or rectanglular spaces between them.  

(What about graph paper?  Ledger paper?  Sheet music?)  

Intersecting straight or curved parallel lines are allowed for this swap.

You may fill in some, or all, of the center spaces with images, figures, colors, or shapes, or leave them open.  You may also use partial grids in your design.  Any background is allowed. 

Pressing a section of metal hardware cloth against a paint-covered Gelli Plate and then smoothing paper over it will give you a uniform grid.  You can also draw lines using a ruler.  Another technique might be to make a crayon- or pencil-rubbing over a grid-patterned basket or other grid surface (screening or hardware cloth, fencing, grate, etc.).  Divided windows are sometimes arranged as grids, too.

Collaged image L, paint on plastic canvas R
Plastic canvas (often used with yarn) is a grid, as is Magic Mesh or some other mesh or netting.
Plastic canvas printing, adhesive Magic Mesh

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