Saturday, November 11, 2017

Three Elements Only Collage - Send by December 11th

Strip, square, Ladybug collage
This challenge, allowing only three elements for each post card design, was suggested recently by JH.  This will be easy for the minimalists and difficult for those of us who want to keep adding layers and lines and shapes.  Although the holidays are fast approaching, I hope some mail art swappers will find the time to participate.
Squirrel, domestic cat, word collage (Overall perhaps not technically "3 Elments Only?")
With a focus on collage, create your design by ADDING ONLY THREE SHAPES/ELEMENTS over any (simple or complex) background.
Diagonal strip, circle, rectangle collage


  1. The first postcard shown - "strip, square, ladybug" - is on the window ledge right next to where I'm sitting! It must be a sign, a kick-in-the-pants to get me to join this swap :^) (The background itself on that card is a joy to behold)

  2. Tricia, I'm glad you liked that card from previous swap. I have found that using brayer-swiped (and rubber stamped) Deli Wax Papers as a second layer makes for some interesting texture. Okay, now that you have made a statement, I will look forward to seeing your pieces for this Three Elements Only group swap. Ready, set, go! :) Honi