Monday, October 16, 2017

Holiday Wishes Swap - Mail by November 13th

Scrap book paper, rubber stamps, embossing
powder, stickers
In 2016 we had a Last Minute Gifts post card swap, an Ornament Exchange, and later- a Re-purposed Holiday post card swap, followed by a Ring In The New Year exchange.  Maybe next year we might replay one or more of these themes. 

This year, let's flood the postal service with some unique, handcrafted post cards with a holiday- or winter-themed design. For this swap, you may send in from one to six post cards.   Any medium/ technique allowed.  

So flex your creativity, think of the smile that will light up the face of the recipient, and then- have fun making some holiday/wintry art! 

And how about including a short personal message of cheer or some good wishes on the left side of your post card?

Scrap book paper, rubber stamps, embossing powder

Woven gift wrap

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