Monday, October 2, 2017

"GAUDY" Post Card Swap - Send by FRIDAY, October 27th

feathers, glitter, acrylic paint
October 17th is designated on one list as "National Gaudy Day."  While most of our in-coming mail art isn't that wild or flamboyant, I know there are at least a few of you reading this post who have a secret stash of GLITTER!!!  

I just found this extra post card from when 
I was active in two online fabric post card groups 
decades ago.  Now THIS was GAUDY!!!

Netting, sequin trim, metallic fabric, silvery
trim, etc.  Oh my!  
Fabric post card:  gold-painted/melted Tyvek, beads, fiber 
One modern meaning for "gaudy" is "flashy." An older Webster's New World Dictionary defined it as "bright and showy, 
but in bad taste."  
Can we make "gaudy" art without it being in bad taste?  
Let's find out.  Consider it a Bling Fling.  Have fun!
acrylic paint/stencils, glitter

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