Sunday, February 19, 2017

Washi Tape Madness (Post Card) Swap - Send to Host by April 3rd

This swap hosted by Laurie requires using real Washi Tape (not copies) for at least 50% of the design over any background. You may add extra collage elements, and/or sketch, use paint, rubber stamped images, duct tape, or masking tape as accents.
Her four lovely examples show how to cover a base paper with Washi Tape and then cut out shapes.  Or cut/tear Washi Tape to make smaller pieces before applying.

No digital art.
No photographs of Washi Tape.

CAUTION:  Washi Tape, being somewhat repositionable, is not considered "permanent."  In order to make your mail art safer through postal processing and to assist delivery intact, PLEASE use either clear tape or a sealing material to secure your layers.  Please allow sufficient drying time before placing your entries between waxed paper, then into the envelope you send your host.

Sealant Examples: 
Gel medium
Goden polymer medium
Ranger Glue 'n Seal
Mod Podge
Collage Pauge

Disclaimer:  This host makes no guarantees regarding delivery.  All pieces will be sent to participants "naked" through the mail.

THEME:  Washi Tape
MEDIA:  50% Washi tape, plus other elements if you wish
NO CORRUGATED "box board"
TECHNIQUE:  collage and...
SIZE PARAMETERS:  4+1/4" x 6" maximum Post Card size (larger pieces will require additional postage) 

  • waxed paper/parchment paper between each card
  • sufficient postage for each card
  • address labels for each card
  • adhesive tape tabs or strips on four edges of your envelope
  • email address if you want host to notify you of arrival 


  1. How can you tell if it is 'real' Washi tape?

    1. Read the label? I don't know... Washi Tape has a waxy-based backing, not sticky. Please email Laurie, the swap host, for more information. I know there is a paper Washi-look-alike but it adheres even less than Washi tape... Honi

  2. There's the original Washi tape and also a Scotch brand knock off, which actually sticks a better than Washi. Also there's a Duck tape Washi, which sticks better than the other two. Then there's also various Dollar Tree knock offs which stick similar to the original Washi. Hope this helps....Patti C