Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Follow-Up on Glues and Sealants:

Check out these links well worth re-visiting for some information posted by Karen I. in 2013:

Let's Talk About Glue  
(Be sure to view the discussion/comments at the bottom of the blog post)

and also check out How To Seal A Bookmark


Four from Andrea:

One from Barbara D:

Four from Beau:

Four from Ellen:

Three from Lynn Mc:

Three from Maria:

Four from Rose:

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

A Little MMSA Business

Hello Wonderful Mail Artists,  

(No, it's not snowing here, although that would be refreshing.  I just wanted to offer a cooling image during the hot, humid weather some of us are experiencing in North America.)

I hope your summer is going well and you are enjoying time with family and friends, as well as participating in the various swaps. 

  • There are openings in the calendar for guest-hosts to organize a swap, if anyone is interested.  Yes, it is work.  Yes, it takes time, energy and requires good organizational skills and a little technical savvy.  But it has its rewards.

  • Several hosts have noticed the absence of postage with a few in-coming group swap mail art pieces.  Just a gentle reminder to please tuck in some stamps to cover the costs of our mailing out your swap pieces, thanks.

  • Once in a while we receive a post card with loose collage elements. The swap host has several options:  

1.  try and secure loose pieces/edges with glue or tape,
2.  mail it to the new recipient in an envelope which the host has to provide at her own cost, or
3.  cross one's fingers and hope the collaged card reaches its intended recipient all in one piece.

Options #1 and #2 take extra time and effort, of course.  Option #3 keeps us awake at night worrying about your art in transit...

  • Perhaps we could open a discussion about support media, i.e. glues and sealants, and other techniques. Here are some possibilities:

1.  white glue (my favorite, especially for magazine clippings but they tend to ripple)
2.  glue stick (NOT very effective long-term, in some cases)
3.  double-stick tape (a recent failure-in-the-making)
4.  Mod Podge (one of our guest host's favorites) or gel medium
5.  covering the whole post card with packaging tape or clear label sheets 
6.  stitching through the layers- very effective!
7.  Others?  Tell us what works for you.

  • Which brings up another concern:  some mail art has been arriving stuck together in the envelope, or even stuck to the protective waxed paper. Usually there is no damage but sometimes there is, with layers ripping off when we separate the embracing cards.  
It's like the waxed paper is admiring the art card:  "Oh, you are so beautiful!" and the art card is admiring the waxed paper: "You are so protective of me, keeping me away from those other cards!" They snuggle a little closer and then break into song, a la Huey Lewis "...I'm happy to be stuck with you."  (Pardon the humorous digression:)
  • One suggestion is to allow 24-hours of drying time before putting your art in an envelope and mailing it in.  (I'm told that Mod Podge dries hard, not tacky or sticky...)

As always, we would like to hear from you.  Every comment is carefully considered.  Have fun and thank you for being a part of this creative, friendly online mail art community.  Honi

Friday, July 21, 2017

Red White Blue Swap - Part 5

Three from Doris:

Four from Jan H:

Four from Jeanette:

Two from Kaprice:

Three from Lynn Mc:

Two the same from Teri S: