Monday, November 14, 2016

Ring In The New Year Post Card Swap - Mail to Host by November 30th

I know this posting seems early, but the year is rapidly winding down.
Let's create our first mail art pieces for 2017 by making circles.  Use bottle caps, jar tops, canning rings, rubber washers, small bowls, the ends of plastic straws or paper towel tubes, marking pen caps, anything that has a circular edge, to print some "ring" patterns.  
(No stencils or rubber-stamped 
circle images please.)   
Any background allowed.

Technique/Media Options:
Press the edges against an ink pad,  dip into a puddle of ink on a glass cutting board... or acrylic paint on waxed paper or freezer paper.  
Or press your circle edge into paint spread on a Gelli Plate.  

Either make "rings" directly on your post card background, or make "rings" on a separate paper, cut them out, and collage onto the post card.  You can use them as part of other designs, i.e. centers surrounded by flower petals, eyeballs for various creatures, parts of a linked chain, speech balloons, planets, bullseyes, wheels, happy faces, etc. 

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