Friday, November 18, 2016

"Repurposed Holiday" (Post Card Swap) - Mail to host by January 9th

Woven Strips of Wrapping Paper
Part of Holiday Card, Advertising
Strips of Wrapping Paper
Wrapping Paper Background

I thought I should announce this post card swap well in advance, before the early planners finish wrapping their holiday gifts.  
(You know who you are, smiles.)
When you look at that pile of greeting cards, gift tags, ribbons and wrapping paper, just think of the possibilities...  
Here's a swap where we get to exchange re-purposed Holiday debris.  Gather it all up on December 26th 
(or before, if you are really organized) 
and make something from the leftovers.  
The gift that keeps on giving!  

Bits of Holiday Cards
Collaged over Wrapping Paper Strips

Technique:  Collage
Cut up those cards, ribbons, and scraps of gift wrap to make some collaged post cards.  You can even use Holiday-themed advertising materials.  (Turn those "Ho- Ho- Ho's" into "oH- oH- oH's" if you must!)  Your post card design may be abstract or realistic.  Your, swap cards will not get to their new homes until after New Year's.  
Be sure to secure all layers with glue or gel medium for safe delivery through the postal system.  Any background allowed. 

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  1. Oh wonderful! (I already started on this swap in eager anticipation of such notice!)