Sunday, November 20, 2016

Packaging Materials (Post Card Swap) - Send to host by February 6th

Card base wrapped with brown paper, overstamped with inked bubble wrap
and cardboard corrugation pressed into gold acrylic paint to make stripes
This post card swap will give you an excuse 
to go through the trash or recycle bin.
Start with collage materials like packaging paper (used to cushion contents),  brown wrapping paper, tape,
magazine mailing sleeves, 
tyvek or cardboard mailer envelopes.

Postage stamps allowed as accents, also
theme-related rubberstamped images.
If you feel your design needs more oomph, some creativity will be allowed.  Surprise us!
Use plastic bubble wrap with ink or paint
to "stamp" out round images, AND/OR
Peel off the outer layer from a cardboard box 
and use the corrugated rows with ink or paint
to "stamp" out stripes.  (See image below)

Peeled cardboard torn from a box flap
THEME:  Packaging Materials
MEDIA:  materials used 
to ship/mail/send packages
Post Card 4+1/4" x 6" 
CHECKLIST:  waxed paper between cards, self-address labels, postage

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