Sunday, May 29, 2016

Recycled Bike Love(r) swap - due June 13th

Bike to Work!   Bike to School!   Bike to Shop!   Bike... Anywhere!

If you love to ride your bike(s :D) too, whether it is 2 or 200 miles, Share the Bike Love even more!

Send a Mostly Collage MailArt Postcard/s.  Each postcard MUST:

Be made ONLY with items being recycled or re-used, including the base of the postcard
have a bicycle, tricycle, tandem bicycle, or unicycle on it
AND have some sort of creature riding it!! :D.

Do you have any bicycle-themed postage or FauxPostage, whether from your country or another, and if so add some too on the front or back please!

Please write the name of the swap, your name, and a sentence or two about where you love to ride your one, two, or three wheeled vehicle(s :D).

Enclose your post card/s with proper postage in an envelope, along with address labels for me to mail others' post card/s to you.  (Thickly painted or glued collages should be separated by waxed paper to prevent sticking together during mailing.)

Post by Monday, June 13 to:

Thick or stiff post cards or envelopes may require "Unmachineable" postage, rates starting at  68 cents.  When in doubt, check with your Postmaster who will love seeing your art.

(Thanks to Honi C. For the concise bits of these directions :D)

The lovely PC is from wittmert (on Flickr) from years ago!


  1. When I saw the bike theme, I knew it must be Gina! thanks for hosting again!

  2. Funny -- I saw the theme and knew it would be Gina too