Sunday, October 18, 2015

Postal themed postcards - due November 16th

Christie wants to re-visit a theme we did a few years ago - all things Postal!
Here are the great cards she made for that swap:

That last swap was an ATC swap, so the scale on these is small, but for this swap we're making full-size postcards! Lots more room to display all that postal goodness.

Your challenge:  Create up to 4 postcards featuring images and ephemera related to the postal service.  Cards will be sent "naked" through the mail (without an envelope) so don't include any of those cool bar-codes or the postal machines may scan them and route them to some other part of the country!  And of course, don't make them too lumpy...

Send your cards, with proper postage affixed, in an envelope and don't forget to include your address labels.

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