Sunday, July 5, 2015

Flip-Flop Postcards - Due July 20th

Honi is back for another round of hosting and this time she wants us all to incorporate the image/shape of a flip-flop into our postcards.

(This is what I mean by flip-flops, in case you call them something else in your part of the world.)

You can send a postcard in the shape of a flip-flop if you want (but you'll need at least $.71 postage if you do), or you can make a traditional rectangular postcard with a flip-flop on it.  The flip-flop doesn't need to be the only image on the card, just make sure you incorporate at least one.
As usual, any style/media is welcome.
Let's see how creative we can with this one!

Swap details:
  • You may submit as many as four cards (you will get back the same number you send, each from a different artist.)
  • Include a mailing label with your name and address for each card you create (they will be attached to the cards that get mailed back to you.)
  • Please attach proper postage to your postcard (see below for postal guidelines.)
  • If you're sending more than one, please make sure you insert waxed paper or parchment in between the cards so they don't get stuck together in the envelope.
  • Write "MSSA Flip-Flop" on the back of your card to remind the recipient why they are receiving this wonderful work of art in the mail.
  • I strongly suggest you write your return address on the back of the postcard in case of postal delivery problems.
  •  Leave the right side of the postcard blank (the part where the address goes.)
  • A note for your partner on the left side of the postcard is a nice touch.
Postage and card size:
You are welcome to make an size postcard you want, but please pay attention to the following postal guidelines.
  • In order to use the postcard rate ($.35) your card cannot be bigger than 4"x6" and it must be thin and flexible.  A 4"x6" card that is thick, lumpy or doesn't bend needs more postage.
  • Keep in mind postcard stamps recently increased.
  •   If you have the old hummingbird, or apple, or aloha stamps you will need to add $.01, $.02 or $.03 respectively to equal the current postcard rate.
  • If your card is a rectangle bigger than 4"x6" but still flat and flexible, a regular "forever" ($.49) stamp is what you need.
  • If your card is an usual shape (square, round, flip-flop) or is kind of lumpy you will need to pay the "non-machinable" rate of $.71
  • If your card doesn't bend at all, the post office considers it a package and you should get it weighed to figure out the proper postage.
You can find all the postal specifications and a handy postage calculator here:

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