Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Remembering Currie

My dear MMSA community, 

It's with a heavy heart that I share the news that our friend Currie Silver lost her battle with lung cancer on April 25th.

Currie started swapping here in February 2013, and over the next two years she created a staggering 286 pieces of art for this group.  She was active in the informal swap group as well, and I'm sure a great many of you have had the pleasure of opening your mailbox and finding her fabulous and colorful work.

She was an incredibly positive and joyful person who seemed to embrace life and live it to the fullest.

She was also so appreciative of this community.
In an email she sent me March 16th she wrote: 
"I am so grateful our paths have crossed and especially for the addition of MMSA into my Life. it's made such a difference.
love love love
In honor of Currie, I'm re-posting a few of my favorite pieces she submitted for MSSA swaps.

Under the Sea swap Feb 2013

"Head" swap Feb 2013

 Monochromatic green - March 2013

"Put a fish on it"  - July 2013

Altered Playing Card - May 2013

"The eyes have it" - June 2013

These last two are such great examples of Currie's spirit and philosophy:
from the Map swap - March 2014

found poetry - April 2014

Thank you, Currie, for sharing your art and yourself with us all. You will be missed.


  1. Thank you for sharing this information, Karen, and for putting together such a nice tribute. I only knew Currie through her MMSA art and occasional emails, however it was clear that she was a gifted artist (who can forget her signature giraffes?) and was a very special person. Thank you for connecting us, Karen.

  2. Thanks indeed Currie, for sharing with us...I have had you in my thoughts this spring...having never met you, I will miss you.

  3. I am sure that Currie is laughing and dancing and BE-ing in whatever place comes next. I will cherish the wonderful pieces I have of hers and will miss her...

  4. Thank you for your tribute to Currie. I'm so sorry for her loved ones, but know she was a wonderfully warm spirit.

  5. Although it is sad news, thank you for sharing so we can pause to appreciate the wonderful life of an inspiring artists.

  6. Oh my. I am pleased to have one of her cards. I'm so grateful for this group and some wonderful new friends. Rest in peace Currie.

  7. How sad for her family. Condolences to them and all who knew her.Her art was very unique. Thanks Karen, for sharing it in tribute.

  8. Oh this makes my heart break. I had hoped to meet her in person some day. I had emailed with her several times and I was also a recipient of a couple of her cards.

    I hope that she is happy and enjoys Be-ing in a new place. Rest in peace dear lady.

  9. Such a nice tribute for a fellow swapper.My thoughts are with her family and friends at this time.

  10. Such a sad announcement... It's always been a delight to see the postcards she made for group swaps. I have enjoyed quite a few emails from Currie. She was a wonderful communicator. Over the past few months she had such a peace about her physical decline. Currie sent me some art bits and pieces during a house cleaning and they are even more special as I know I shall not hear from her again. What a gifted, generous, beautiful soul we've been blessed to know. (Sweet Currie, I can't believe you're no longer with us, but you will be in our hearts and thoughts. Our lives are richer because of all you shared.) Thanks Karen for letting us know. Honi C.

    1. Today I posted pictures of some of her little art pieces, feel free to view at
      http://www.praisepatchproductions.blogspot.com Honi C.

  11. I am heartbroken to read this. Altho I knew of her battle with the cancer, it's still a shock to realize that she has left us. I am sure that she will BE happy and DO well with the angels...probably organizing a mail art swap with them. She will be missed, no doubt.


  12. Such a wonderful tribute to Currie! I, too, was the recipient of her creative and joyful art. I followed her blog and was impressed with her honesty and courage as she faced her illness. I will miss her!

  13. Oh dear. This made me catch my breath.
    I, too, have many of her cards.
    I just mailed her one last week...

  14. Currie faced the battle with courage, dignity and peace. And though her body lost the battle her spirit lives on. Prayers for everyone who loved her.

  15. Such a wonderful tribute, Karen. Love her art and her blogs. She was a talented artist and will BE so missed.

  16. oh.... so sad to hear this. Currie was a very talented and generous soul. I'm honored to have been touched by her through her art via our wonderful MailArt community. Thanks for letting us know Karen.

  17. So sorry to see this! RIP Currie - she lives on through her beautiful art. Thoughts and prayers to all her loved ones.

  18. Thank you for letting us know, Karen. It is so sad. I was privileged to have swapped with Currie.

  19. Thank you for this sweet tribute & letting us know of Currie's passing. I treasure her cards, which hold a bit of her bright spirit~

  20. I've never participated in this group, but I do enjoy seeing all the art that is swapped. This post touched me and I know that Currie is smiling down on you and living her life on the other side to the fullest.

  21. This is such sad news - her warm heart and giraffes will be missed. We exchanged emails and postcards for a couple years and she was never anything but positive and encouraging and delightful. I loved hearing about her walks with Gracie in Florida and swapping little pieces of inspirational art. Your thoughtful tribute and reading all the comments reinforced what a wonderful group this is - and I know she loved being a part of it too. She'll be missed.

  22. Alyssa NavapanichMay 23, 2015 at 11:02 PM

    I have been a recipient of several of Currie's post cards. I think what she wrote on the favorite city swap card touches me most as I read all these comments: "I love city skylines. I love the idea of so many peopke in synch. All the conversations..." Thank you Karen for allowing so many of us to be in synch and to enjoy the conversations. Without you doing this site, I would have missed out on the gift that was/is Currie. Condolences. Alyssa