Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Three-element collages - part 1

The first of the 3-element collages are arriving, and boy are they fun!  Many of you have said you found this exercise challenging.  It's good to push ourselves once in a while, right?  It's how we learn.
Hats off to everyone who has pushed through their discomfort and completed the challenge so far.  I love seeing the way everyone is interpreting the theme.

Two from Catherine:

Two from Judith:

Four from Laurie:

Three from Marsie:

Three from Phillip:

One from Sue:

Four from Susan:

The swap deadline for this is March 2nd, so you've still got plenty of time to make some collages and mail them to me.


  1. Catherine's cabbage faces are hilarious. I found this challenge to be easier in that I only had 3 elements - no worrying about if there was enough/too much on the card. Selecting just 3 pieces of paper - now that made it challenging.

  2. Out of all the possible elements in the world, how weird that Marsie and Susan both used the same woman-with-flying-hair on a card!

    I sat down tonight to make a couple, but my collage elements kept multiplying. I have one three-element collage that ended up a fiver, and another three-element collage that weighed in at a hefty seven. They're cute and funny, but don't follow directions.

    Once I get going with glue and shellac, I just can't stop, apparently, so I'll send those elsewhere, try again, AND COLLAGE WITH RESTRAINT.

  3. I can see"collage with restraint" as a poster-- or maybe a t-shirt.