Monday, October 13, 2014

Paint chips postcards - part 1

Three from Alyssa:

Four from Care: 

Two from Carroll:

Four from Catherine:

Four from Cheryl:

One from Christie:

Four from Claudia:

Two from Crystal:


  1. I like how everyone has had such different ideas with this challenge. I really like Catherine's cutouts - wish I'd thought of that.

  2. Wow, yes, such creative takes on a fairly simple medium. What a group!

  3. I love them all!! I'm a quilter and was interested to see the ones by Carroll that look like mini selvege edge quilts. And don't we all wish we'd had the others' ideas at times, but we have our own unique style which someone else probably wishes s/he had..... don't compare - just enjoy ;-)

  4. These are all unique and creative. Great job everyone.