Friday, September 19, 2014

Asemic writing - part 5

Here are the last of the Asemic Writing cards.
The whole lot is still in my house, waiting to be sorted and mailed.

Four from Andie:

Four from Jan in Washington:

Three from Janice:

Three from Jenny R:

One from Joanne L:

Three from Joyce:

One from Judith:

One more from Karena that I forgot to post last time:

Four from Karen Y:

Four from Leslie:


  1. Mine finally showed up, I see. Yay.

  2. SO Fabulous!! This one was so great to see :D

  3. Truly great! Really brought out people's creativity!

  4. This was a fantastic theme and everyone's work is very creative, mysterious and interesting. I think this set would make for an excellent exhibition.