Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ready, set, scan

I'm back from a wonderful vacation.
Here's what the post office was holding for me....

thanks to an empty house and 11 consecutive episodes of Sports Night, I was able to scan all 263 postcards last night. (which is not quite as crazy as it sounds since I scan 2-3 at a time.)

As always, my trusty assistant was on hand...
enjoying the big pile of waxed paper and parchment that was pulled from all the envelopes

Next I will be cropping and labeling (wonder how many more episodes that will take?), and then I'll be able to start posting all this amazing work.

The last things I mailed were the pink & green postcards.
Hopefully I'll get the favorite city and tape postcards swapped and mailed by Monday.

It's good to be back.


  1. Wow..They even let you take them home in one of the special boxes! I hope you had a fabulous vacation!

  2. Wow girl that is a lot of work!! Glad you had help ;-)

  3. Welcome home Karen! I hope you had the same gorgeous weather that we had. I still can't believe that you took all that stuff with you. Can't wait to see the posts--loved all these new themes.

  4. All I can say is, WHEW!!!!! Oh yes and of course THANK YOU for all you do!

  5. Welcome Home Karen! Glad you had some well deserved down time. Wish I was there to help you with the sorting, swapping and mailing. Because it looks like the "help" you have is sleeping on the job.

  6. Yikes! That is a whole lot of work.

  7. You were missed (as it seems to be quite apparent via your assistant :D), but even more importantly, you experienced a well-deserved Break!! XO, G

  8. Hope your vacation was fabulous. Thanks for all you do for the group. It's such a joy to find art in my mailbox.

  9. You go, girl!!
    Thanks for doing ALL of this!

  10. Hi Karen. Sorry, I'm a bit slow in saying welcome home. Just looking at that box of mail makes me anxious. I love getting mail, but I have a big touch of ADHD and just thinking about all the sorting and organizing that you do, makes me sweat like a farm hand. LOL. Kudos for all you do girl...or woman if you prefer : )