Monday, July 7, 2014

summer postcards part 4

The summer postcards were mailed out on Saturday.  Maybe some of you will see yours in today's mail!
Here are the last of the cards to share with you all.

Four from Karen Y:

Four from Lynne:

One from Marsie:

Four from Nora:

Two from Pam:

Four from Penny:

One from Rebecca:

Four from Rose:

Four from Terrie:

One from Tina:


  1. Love them all...clever lot aren't they?

  2. Terrie, Thanks for the "Life's good!" card---I wholeheartedly agree! Hope you see my thank you here. Hope summer in Boston is hunky-dory.
    Jan from WA

  3. Janet, I love your "Earth laughing in flowers" card. ice watercolor, or gouache? Great colors. Here I'm intoxicated with my sweet peas, but I never try to draw them, too complex. And besides, it's mostly about their celestial smell! Thanks and hope you see this message here---no e-mail address on your card.