Thursday, June 12, 2014

zine swap - part 5

You'll be happy to know all the zines went out in this morning's mail.
A record-breaking 47 of you created zines for this swap.
(makes me doubly glad the color copies of my own zine were donated to me free of charge)

Here are the last of the zines that haven't been posted on the blog yet.

From Bronwen:

Laure sent two different zines from Brazil:

and here's Terrie's zine:

Hopefully you all kept your original so you can continue to make copies and trade with others.  I saw that Cathy posted a message on the informal board saying she made a zine but missed the deadline and would be happy to swap.
With so many talented zine makers in the group, I expect there will be lots of happy trading for months to come.


  1. 47? Wow, that's a lot of zines! And there's a bi-lingual one in the last bunch - impressive. This was a neat challenge - hopefully it will be a regular one (annual?).

  2. I'm stalking my mail box more than ever now, waiting for my sweet returns. :D Thank you, Karen, for hosting this great mail art site!

  3. Yay! Glad to see my zines did arrive with you, I was beginning to think they got lost along the way. Really looking forward to seeing what comes my way. Thank you Karen for being the Queen of all Organisers!