Thursday, May 15, 2014

zine swap - part one

There are not enough words in the English language to tell you how excited I am by the zine swap.  Amazing examples have been arriving and I'm ready to share the first bunch with you.  In the interest of time (and in the interest of maintaining some of the mystery) I am only posting pictures of the cover and one inside spread.  You'll have to wait and see which ones arrive in your mailbox to see the rest of the pages.

Here's one from Christie:

This one is from Doris:

This one is from Kelsey:

and as you can see by the cover, this one is from Laura (in Texas):

 Barbara S (aka Bar Code Barb) sent this one.
It's pages from her Ex Postal Facto passport, showing off stamps collected from other attendees.  And Barb, we must have met, because one of those stamps is MINE! 


 Here's one from Lynn in Connecticut:

This one is from Penny L.

Phillip sent this one:

Phyllis sent a fabulous tribute to her mailman.
(love all the postal themed zines coming in!)

This one is from Tameko:

And this one is from Tammy:

I love each and every one of these.
Keep them coming!


  1. Oh my! I MUST have a copy of that stamp head zine!!! Too fabulous. And I was working on a stamp head zine too....well, you can never have too many stamp heads, right? And hello Phyllis! Love the John-the-mailman zine! I better work faster.....

  2. Holy Moley!!! These are amazing!!! Great job, Everyone!

  3. Wow!! These are all fantastic! Now I have to get going and make one of my own so I can get one in return. I love the different subjects; especially the rotting veggies and the rhyming mailman tribute.

  4. How fabulously imaginative these are!

  5. Oh mercy, these are wonderful!!!