Friday, May 9, 2014

recycled postcards part 3

Here's another batch of creative postcards made from recycled items.  I love the way Easter candy has worked its way into so many collages.  This is what comes from posting a swap that coincides with a major candy-consuming holiday.

Here are three from Currie.  This first one is an empty clear plastic package, turned into a postcard.  The stamps are on the other side.
 (and speaking of our friend Currie, she's facing some health challenges right now.  I say we bombard her with postal love and healing wishes!  If you don't already have her address you can find it on the "informal mail art exchange" list)

Two from Gina:

Three from Joanne:

Two from Judith:

One from Kaprice:

Four from Karen Y:

Three from Kathy J:

Four from Laurie:


  1. I'm intrigued by the "dangerous interactive features." It makes the postcard sound "James Bond" deadly.

  2. Fun Fun Fun. We can tell a lot about each other from our 'trash,' eh? :D
    Thanks so much for the info and request for MailArt Cheer for Currie - DONE!