Friday, May 30, 2014

Handmade envelope swap - due July 7th

Back by popular demand- we're swapping handmade envelopes again!

(envelopes by Gina Visione)

You can construct them from old calendars, maps, sturdy magazine pages, scrapbook paper, your own painted papers....

You can embellish them with tape, stamps, stickers, collage, labels, paint, etc.

  Make them interesting!

Don't know how to make an envelope?
Don't worry.
Pamela wrote us a wonderful and easy tutorial last year.

(You don’t have to use that technique, but it's a great starting place if you've never made envelopes before)

 Want some inspiration?  Enter the word “envelope” in the search box in the sidebar of the blog.  It will bring you to a list of all the past posts featuring envelopes.

Swap details:
  • Make five envelopes (no more, no less)
  • The minimum size you can make it is 3.5 x 5 inches (anything smaller is too small to mail) but otherwise the size and dimensions are up to you. 
  •  Stick a little note or business card inside each envelope with your name and contact info so that the recipients know who made each envelope.
  • Put them in a big envelope and mail them to me. 
  • I will reuse that envelope and mail you back five different handmade envies from five different people.  (So don’t put postage on the individual envies you create, include postage for the cost of the big envelope.)
  • Before you seal your big envelope, go to the post office and find out how much it’s going to cost to mail it.  Include that many stamps or that much cash in the envelope, or send me that amount of money via paypal (
  • Include an address label with your name and address that I will adhere to your package when I mail it back to you.
  •  Postmark them by July 7th.  (I don't need to receive them by the 7th, they just need to be postmarked by the 7th.)

Karen Isaacson
PO Box 532
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
United States

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