Friday, May 2, 2014

Found poetry - part 3

I really love these found poetry cards.
The words and phrases are funny, haunting, thoughtful, inspiring...

Four from Christie:

Four from Currie:

Four from Ellen:

Two from Faith:

Two from Honi:

 One from Janice:

Three from Jenny R:

Four from Linda:

I've tried both methods of "found poetry" and find I have better luck with selecting words that are imbedded in a single page of text, rather than assembling a poem from a nearly unlimited supply of printed words in my environment.

How about you?  Did you try both techniques?  What was easy/hard about the process?


  1. I enjoyed both ways...I don't think I favor either!

  2. These are so great. I admire poets. It is hard for me to choose from all the beautiful words to arrange a line or many into "poetry." I tried both techniques, and they were both a challenge - but I enjoyed the challenge - Thanks Karen!!

  3. I find that when I dump a big pile of words and phrases on my table that sometimes the "poems" write themselves. This was great fun!