Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Letter S" scavenger hunt - part 3

I think this just might be the last of the letter S cards.
(maybe? possibly?  unless you tell me yours is still in transit after 10 days?)
This has been a ton of fun.
How many S's can you find in the following post cards?

Three from Alyssa:

 Three from Bonnie:

Two from Crystal:

One from Eric:

One from Faith:

Two from Gina:

 One from Honi:

One from Janice:

Two from Jo:

Two from Joyce:

Two from Julie:

Two from Leslie:

One from Nancy:

Three from Rose:


  1. Very tricky Janice, it took me a while to figure out the bunny was SOFT? And the peeps are SWEET? That was very SLICK of you.

  2. So many different 'S's! Happy to see that mine arrived.