Friday, March 7, 2014

Grid postcards - part 3

More glorious grid cards for your viewing pleasure....

Three from Colleen:

Four from Corrine:

Eleven from Currie:

Three from Cynthia:

Three from Dawn:

Four from Ellen:

Two from Eric:


  1. Whenever I see a batch of cards posted, regardless of the swap, I invariably feel like I want to redo mine, incorporating some of the neat techniques I see in others' work.

    I'm amazed at how lovely the cards are for such a seemingly blah topic as "grid." I mean, we could all have sent in sheets of graph paper and had done with it, but I love seeing what everyone did with this.

    Can't wait to get my cut in the mail.

    Great job, all. Great job.

  2. okay! so much fun...I love Currie's timeless one and Dawn's second one and Eric's cows!!
    but seriously, what a great collection!

  3. So many amazing ones in this bunch. I love Eric's cows.