Friday, March 28, 2014

file folder envelopes

I have the last of the file folders to share with you today.   As always, I share both the front and back of each "envelope."

One from Currie:

Two folders from Leslie:

One from Pam:

Two from Pat:

One from Phillip:

Three from Rose:

Five from Sherry H:

Three from Trula:
this one doesn't actually have a heart on it....

It really looks like this...See the comments below for the story.


  1. Love Sherry's birds and feathers!

  2. Not to be totally short term memory or anything here, but is there really a heart on the yellow side of my first folder? I think that the heart was a note to you? Or am I totally dillusional? Thanks so much; all of these folders are beautiful!

    1. HA! you're right, it IS a note to me. that's too funny. I just pulled your folder out again and sure enough - the note was just kind of lightly stuck there and I didn't even notice it wasn't part of the folder when I took the picture. I'm going to post a re-take. (after I stop cracking up)

  3. Love those BIRD envelopes!! great work everyone. This is going to be a great trade. Even though I didn't make any :-( what's wrong with me?? lol