Wednesday, March 19, 2014

File folder envelopes - part 2

The file folders are so spectacular in person.  I wish you could see them all for yourselves.
The pictures, while lovely, don't do them justice.

These are from Carroll:

 These are from Christie:

These are from Karen Y:

These are from Nora:

These are from Susan G:

Aren't these beautiful? 
More to come....


  1. These are great. Carroll's are fascinating, and I love the darker colors of the last couple of Susan G's. And the people who sewed their folders closed for mailing - brilliant move.

  2. Oh, I took a deep breath when I saw Carroll's stunning, magical folders and I didn't exhale until the last photos from this post came up. All those bright, beautiful colors and images--such a lovely way to bring in spring!

  3. These are really spectacular. I missed this one and may miss a few more, things are a bit hectic here.....ah well.....but they are so fun to watch. xox