Friday, March 7, 2014

File folder envelopes - part 1

Hold onto your hats, there's some beautiful work ahead.  The first of the file folders are arriving, and they are lovely.  These will get sent "naked" through the mail, as giant postcards.
Can you imagine the delight of all the postal workers as these make their way across the country?

I'll show you both sides of each folder.

Here's one from Care:

The next three folders (six pictures) are from Cathy:

This one is from Laura:

and this bunch is from Peggy:

Aren't they great?  Doesn't this make you want to create one of your own?
The deadline to mail is March 17th.
All the swap details are here.


  1. Ah, Karen, I will be whipping something up this week!

  2. Karen, you have the file folders in front of you, and the photos are unclear and sometimes clipped on the sides, but what are people using to stick the edges together?

    I need some "technique" help on this, since I'm beset with nightmares of my file folder coming apart in transit, with its innards hanging out like some B-grade horror movie.

    1. great question, Joanne. Some seem to be well-glued. Most use tape. I've received some in the past that are stitched closed on a sewing machine. Clear packing tape is a good bet. I've learned (the hard way) that washi tape doesn't travel well through the mail, so if I receive any that are sealed with washi tape I will probably cover them with a layer of clear packing tape before sending them along. It can be pretty easily sliced with an x-acto knife or sharp blade to open the "envelope" without damaging the folder.