Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We interupt these swaps....

....for a brief vacation.

Have you noticed the total lack of posting here at Mail Me Some Art?
It's because I am in the middle of a 10 day vacation.

I had an absolutely amazing weekend in San Francisco, cavorting with other mail artists at "Ex Postal Facto"

Here I am making a goofy face while I point to my own art in the exhibit.

I was in SF from Thursday-Monday and have more stories to tell than I have fingers to type them with.

I am extending the vacation by flying north to spend 5 days with my dearest of dear friends in Washington state.  I won't be home to my mailbox and scanner until the 24th.

So sit tight, dear swappers.  If you've sent something and haven't seen it posted on the blog, you now know why.
There will be an abundance of beautiful mail to share and swap when I get home next week. 

(and if you're anxiously watching your mailbox, the last thing I sent out was the year of the horse cards.  The stamp head ATCs and cat postcards are all sitting safely in Massachusetts, and won't go out until I get home and come up for air)

In the meantime, I strongly encourage you to connect with kindred spirits thought the mail.  I am positively high with the energy of meeting so many of my mail friends in person this weekend.  These postal connections are real and beautiful.
Head over to the "informal mail art exchange" list and send more mail!
Art changes lives.


  1. Hi Karen, It was great to meet you at XPF. I am still reeling from it all (and from San Francisco, where I have now officially left my heart). Grid postcards and mail art fun are on their way to you!

  2. Oh you look so happy. Glad you got to go to the show and meet all your fabulous mail art buddies.....enjoy your time xox

  3. Yes, to "cavorting with mail artists."

    Definite yes, to "coming up for air."

    Yes, to "sending more informal mail."

    Yes, to "art changes lives."

    And as a second witness to the latter, I had an interesting impromptu conversation with a woman shopper in the art aisle of my local "big box" craft store. She was there buying an art gift for a friend, and some gesso for herself.

    Turns out that she suffers from chronic pain, and she said that art journaling was the only thing that provided any true relief.

    Of course, I took that opportunity to talk about mail art . . . blah, blah . . . and swaps . . . blah, blah . . . . MMSA . . . . blah, blah . . . and here's the http address, BTW . . . blah, blah -- as I'm scribbling the URL on a scrap piece of paper that I fished out of my purse for that purpose. (Karen should give me a cut for all the promo I do for her.)

    : )

    Anyway, everybody, I am LOVING the altered postcard swap, much more than I thought. It's sort of a low-tech Photoshop with scissors and glue stick.

    Though I have NO CLUE at first what to do with an otherwise boring commercial postcard, invariably I will flip through an incoming junk mail advert, and find just the perfect image.

    I think that altering postcards is a great idea for mail arting on vacation, when one is separated from one's paint pots, and brushes, and pads of paper, and cans of aerosol sealants, and besieged by racks of cutsey, droll scenic cards in truck stops.

    Definitely beats sending commercial cards cold, and one not only sees where the sender has been, but also something about the sender's mindset on that particular day. A great way to use vacation ephemera, toward subtle, humorous ends.

    A lovely idea, that swap, that I'm sure I would not have tried on my own, but which can now be a part of my mail art options. Growing as a mail artist on account of MMSA swap challenges. Yippee!

  4. Your in MY State? Wish I could meet up with you. I will get some mail out to you instead. HAVE FUN, girl!

    1. I know - it's killing me not to track down my northwest mail art friends, but this trip has been about sisterhood and filling the soul. NEXT TIME I'm doing the pacific northwest mail-art round up.

    2. AND, I forgot to tell you that my piece in the Ex Postal Facto exhibit was right next to yours!!!! Can you see it in the picture above? I took a better one of your piece and will send it to you.

    3. Yeah -- you better come back here, Karen -- on a little more leisurely trip so we can hang out and do some art....there were so many places I wanted to show time...

  5. Enjoy the rest of your vacation, Karen.

    I am really glad I found your site - receiving the cards from my first swap was very exciting, even though I had seen a lot of the images on line. Scans are no replacement for the vibrant colors and cool textures of the cards. Looking forward to many more swaps, as well as hearing more about your XPF adventure.

  6. Karen, you are absolutely glowing! So delighted to see you enjoying a blissful, creative, and much-deserved vacation. There are mountains of snow back here, so while you are out there, enjoy, enjoy!

  7. Those cat postcards look worth waiting for!

  8. Great piece in the mail art show, Karen -- and great coverage in the catalog. Congratulations to you -- and wasn't it all so much fun?