Thursday, February 27, 2014

Technique based swaps?

What would you think about a swap based on a specific technique rather than a specific theme?

I’m thinking this might be a fun way to challenge ourselves creatively and inspire us to try new things.

Techniques could be broad, such as:
  • Collage
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Mono-printing

Or they could be very specific techniques such as:
  • Using rubber cement or masking fluid as a resist
  • Sprinkling salt on wet watercolors
  • Long-stitch bookbinding

Or could be related to a specific material rather than technique, such as:
  • Oil pastels
  • Colored pencils
  • Watercolors
 Tutorials (or links to tutorials) could accompany each swap.  Guest bloggers would be welcome to provide/share tutorials for techniques they love.

I think there’s a lot of potential here for new swaps.

What do you think of technique and/or product based swaps as a general idea?

Do you have any specific things you’d like to try that would work well for a swap?

Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Love this idea! When given a specific medium or technique, I love to see what others come up with! And by the way, congrats on limiting the number of items per swap. It's so important to be able to set limits, and I'm sure it will improve the quality of swapping for everyone. You're amazing, Karen!

  2. Fabulous ideas, Karen. Yes to all the above!

  3. Yes, this would be fun and challenging!

  4. Yes. Although I'm a bad swapper so take my comment with a grain of salt. ;)

  5. I'm game . . .

    Or, in Minnesota-speak, "Yah, shore!"

  6. Another idea: We haven't had a "collage sheet" challenge in a while. Philip seems adept with computer design. Maybe he could create a collage sheet that we could then could all use in creating derivative works?

  7. I think this would be fine and a good way to keep the mind moving.

  8. Yes! All those sound like fun. It's always fun to change it up from themes, altho I like themed swaps just fine.

  9. Apparently this comment got lost in the ether before, so . . .

    I would avoid technique-type swaps that are commercially specific. In other words, no swaps specifically requiring everyone to buy "Louis Gooey's Pad of Glue," for example (hypothetical example).

    Generic methods are fine, and if I recall, some people have suggested things like "cards made with permanent markers" or "cards made with fingerpainting" in the "swap suggestion" tab, so that idea has been out there before.

    Another reason for having swaps be as "general as possible," is that some swappers may live in Podunk, Anywhere, and their only available art supply store may be a dusty bottom half-shelf in the "dive and dime." (Typo, there, since I was trying to type "five and dime," but given the context, it probably works better.) So techniques that would be $-friendly for all swappers.

    It's always possible, too, to combine a theme with a technique, just as you're combining colors this year (purple and green, etc.). One possibility, for example, might be "home sweet home" and kiddie crayons. (This would lend itself to kindergarten interpretations of that theme, but perhaps us adults could get a bit more "arty" than that). People could add other elements, if they wanted (such as collage ephemera or acrylic paint), but the theme and technique would have to be present somewhere on the card.

  10. I have enjoyed the theme based swaps. Broad themes and products would be fun also! For a collage idea - How about found poetry?

  11. Absolutely Excellent Idea! I've missed checking the blog while on vacation, but see you have also caught up too!! :D Looking forward to creative challenges via techniques ahead (and will be happy to add Arti-stamps to the list w/a tutorial or two - computer vs. hand-made, starting with my usual SOON!)

  12. Great idea! Go for it....

  13. Basically yes, altho I have to also ask that the techniques used be pretty general. For instance, I don't have, nor do I ever use, oil paints. So I agree with Joanne about just general techniques...and I sort have to shop at the "dive and dime," also, lol.

    As for the collage sheets, while i love seeing what everyone else does with them, I can't join in as I have no way to print out the sheets. I'll still like looking at everyone else's, tho.

    Tameko mentioned "found poetry." Just did that with Journal52, and love it. Good idea, Tameko.


  14. I agree with the comments above - excellent idea as long as the technique idea is as all encompassing as possible - that's really the only snag I see is that if you choose watercolor, not everyone may have or want watercolors. So maybe it's broader like using a resist or using salt/sand as a texture element or using stitching (hand or machine).

    I agree about the limits too - although I usually share 4 anyway, so that suits me just fine! Welcome back and thanks for the sharing.....did you stay up til midnight for several nights to get these all scanned in?????