Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stamp head ATCs - part 3

 The stamp heads just keep pouring in.

Twelve from Michele:

One from Olivia:

Seven from Pamela:

Three from Rose:

One from Susan:

Three from Terrie:

More to come....


  1. It's an absolute pity these all have to go to new homes.

    It would be just wonderful to see them all displayed together, in an MMSA stamp head ATC show, with a formal opening reception (black tie). Invite the public, or anyone who's at all chop-falled about the difficulties of life, and everyone would be in stitches by the time they left. What lovely evidence that humor can exist in a very small space.

    I'm regretting now that I didn't have any head stamps around the house . . .

    Well done all. I mean an amazing display of zaniness.

  2. I agree with Joanne. Saving them for an exhibit, even at the library, would be fabulous!
    They are just amazing!

  3. These are all wonderful and great fun. Michele's matching of heads to bodies and captioning are perfect, especially "Caught Off Guard"--fabulous! Pamela's New Zealand stamp is terrific!

  4. These is a great swap. These are all really fun. xox

  5. I LOVE these!!!!!! I kind of agree (although I want some) that it would be terrific to keep them together --- how about a ZINE????????????

  6. They're all so quirky!!! Love, love, love.

  7. This was a really fun swap to do! I love all of these!

  8. I am really loving these stamp head ATC's. Haven't seen a bad one yet and look forward to getting which ever ones I receive. What a fun, fun, FUN project. Hope we'll do this again.