Monday, January 20, 2014

time postcards - part 3

You guys really came through on the time cards.
At first they trickled in slowly, and I thought this would be a small swap.
It was understandable - we had a long break and I didn't give much turnaround time between posting the swap details and the postmark deadline.
I didn't get to the post office on Thursday, and when I arrived on Friday it was jam packed.  I expected lots of aqua and orange, or horses, or stamp-heads,
but LOOK - an abundance of time postcards.
The grand total received (so far?) is over 70.
That's some impressive last-minute art making.
It's so good to be back!

Here are the rest of the cards I've received.
I'll probably wait until the end of the week before swapping them in case there are any stragglers.

Three from Carlene:

One from Chris:

 Two from Claudia:

Four from Currie:

Three from Jen:

One from Joanne:

Three from Judith:

Four from Katie:

One from Leslie:

 Three from Marsie:

One from Nancy:

Six from Rose:


Two from Susie:

Five from Tameko:

January has brought a bunch of new readers and swappers - welcome everyone!
It always makes me happy to find a new name in my mailbox.

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