Sunday, January 26, 2014

Aqua & Orange - part 2

Here's another batch of delicious aqua & orange cards.

One from Cara:

Four from Corrine:

Two from Cynthia:

One from Dana:

Four from Dawn:

Six from Ellen:

One from Eric:

Two from Faith:

Four from Gina:

Do you have any favorites?


  1. Fantastic work from everyone, Cara's feathered cat (looking decidedly vampirish) is my favorite.

    1. Hahaha! Capturing the delicate "kitty fang" is a favorite past time of mine.

  2. Oh, wow! When Cara's cat first appeared on the screen, I thought: "Fantastic!" (Is that a hand-carved "happy" stamp on the card too?) The delight did not stop there. From Dawn's butterfly to Ellen's fish to Gina's muni transfer to all of the other bright cards...I cannot choose a favorite this time--I like all of the cards a lot! Thanks for posting these beauties, Karen, especially on a cold, snowy white day!

  3. There are all beautiful! Favorites, tough choice, first one from Ellen and second one from Faith and ...

  4. Eric's is a WOW for me and the second one from Faith. Good job everyone!! they are so great--lots of energy with this color combo

  5. Lots of orange and turquoisey goodness. xox

  6. All gorgeous and yumminess of colors. LOVE the big LOVE :D