Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Don't forget your address labels

Hello, my dear beautiful swappers.
I'm here with a gentle friendly reminder.
When you are sending your swap items, please remember to include unattached address labels (with your name and address) so that I may affix them to the cards I send you.

I understand.
It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of creation and forget the other stuff.
Or be in such a rush to get them out the door by the post-mark date that you forget not just labels, but stamps AND a message on the back of the card (as my dear Corrine once did as she was rushing out of state to teach at an art retreat)(I think she realized her error as soon as it left her hand and fell into the depths of the mail box.  She promptly emailed and we had a good chuckle.)
(and now that I'm speaking parenthetically about my friends, Mandy once forgot messages on her cards, and mailed them separately and asked me to glue them down.  loved that.)
 Anyway - shit happens.
I totally get it, and never mind spotting you once in a while.

but lately there's been an epidemic of missing address labels.
(okay, I exaggerate.  not an epidemic, but enough to make me scratch my head and wonder what's going on.)
I love you all dearly, and I love hosting these swaps,
but I'd rather not take the extra time to write your address on your cards.
'Cuz there might be 100 postcards in any given swap.
That's a lot of addresses.
Swapping and mailing is so much faster, easier, and less prone to error if all I have to do is stick your label on your card.
(and even then, mistakes happen.  Ria just got her own Day of the Dead card returned to her, because the mailing label I affixed apparently fell off in transit, so it never made it to Vermont.  As I said, shit happens)

Don't have any labels?  It's okay.
Some people send me those little return address labels that you get free in the mail from charities that want your money.  (I used to feel so guilty if I used those labels without donating.)(I've gotten over it.)
Some people hand write their name and address on blank stickers.
some people just write their name and address on a small square of paper, and I tape it on.

all of the above options are great.
I'm not picky.
and I'm not even cranky or upset.
If you've forgotten in the past, it's fine.
but if you remember next time, I'll be eternally grateful.
Thanks for trying.



  1. Absolutely, Karen, this shouldn't be a burden for you.

    Two suggestions for swappers:

    1. If you have the choice of overpaying on postage, or underpaying, err on the side of generosity (i.e., include a bit extra). After all, Karen volunteers to organize the swaps, plus drive to the post office to mail them. Let's chip in a little extra in gratitude for all her efforts for our mail art community.

    2. Those who swap regularly can, in the next swap, include a half-dozen extra address stickers, which Karen could keep on file in an A - Z recipe box. That would not obviate our need to include them every time, but if we happen to forget, Karen could just pull one that she already has.

    I hope that seems workable to the other swappers out there.

  2. God, I hope it wasn't me. I live in fear that you'll quit doing these and I'll be forced to look elsewhere for my weekly creative fix. I've forgotten in the past but not lately, I think; but if it was me, a thousand pardons.

    PS - We love you, too.

  3. Ha ha, I think my tendency to forget will never pass, but I do keep on trying...I've taped them onto the back of the envelope, and sent them after, but sometimes there is this lingering niggle...did I forget again?! Eep...

  4. Holy cow, Karen, I hope it wasn't me. I will be super-vigilant forever more! Thanks for being so patient with us!

  5. You're very good to us. Thanks for the reminder. I know I've forgotten labels and postage, although usually not at the same time. :)

  6. Oops, think it was me. Great idea for sending along extra labels and I think I'll toss in some stamps, too. Thank you for organizing this wonderful artful exchange.