Friday, October 4, 2013

Security envelope art - part 1

Oh my - look at all the beautiful and creative things people have been doing with security envelopes.
Four postcards from Anne:

Three from Care:

 Four from Carroll:

Three from Colleen:

One from Cynthia:

Two from Honi:

One from Jennifer:

Two from Leslie:

Three from Nydia:

Seeing all these together makes you realize just haw many different patterns there are, and how versatile a material it is.  It can be a subtle background, or a small accent, or the focal point of the piece.   I just love these!  I think I need to dip into my envelope stash tonight.
How about you?  Have you made any yet?
There's still plenty of time.  They don't need to be in the mail until October 14th.
What are you waiting for - raid that recycle bin!


  1. All of the cards are wonderful. Carroll's portraits are stunning! Jennifer's sleuth is so much fun.

  2. wow, so many creative approaches - just wonderful!

  3. Already have one made, but these make me want to make some more! Absolutely beautiful, everyone!

  4. Aren't people clever...and diverse!

  5. I love all the different takes on the same idea. Lookin' good!

    1. Wonderful pieces! Sure sad I missed participating...but so inspiring to see what was sent in!