Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Security envelope postcard swap- due October 14th

Don't you just love all the patterns you find on the inside of security envelopes?
They make the most wonderful collage papers.

It's time to start digging through your recycle bin, because we're going to make postcards that feature security envelopes.
You can use them as a background, as I did in the above postcards, or you can cut them into shapes like Gina did for the tree swap

 or incorporate the window like I did in these collages:

 Use them anyway you want!

Swap Details:
  •  make a postcard that incorporates at least one visible piece of a security envelope.
  • It will be mailed to your partner without an envelope so make sure it is sturdy enough to survive mail handling.
  • make as many cards as you like - you will get back the same number you send
  • if you're sending me more than one, please make sure you insert waxed paper or parchment in between the cards so they don't get stuck together in the envelope
  • write a little message for your partner and be sure to include your return address (in case of postal delivery problems) and your email address so the recipient can thank you.
  • include an address label for each card you create
  • include a stamp for each card you create (or send me cash, or send me postal money via paypal)
  • international swappers are welcome - the postage cost is $1.10 per card (paypal account is
Postage and Card Size 
You are welcome to make any size postcard you want, but please pay attention to the following postal guidelines
  • In order to use the postcard rate (currently $.33) your card cannot be bigger than 4.25 x 6 inches, and it must be thin and flexible.  A 4x6 card that is thick, lumpy or doesn't bend, needs more postage than one of those "apple" stamps
  • If your card is a rectangle bigger than a postcard, but still flat and flexible, a regular $.46 "forever" stamp is what you need.
  • If your card is an unusual shape (square, round) or is flexible but has some lumpy embellishments it will probably cost you the "non machinable" rate of $.66
  • If your card doesn't bend, the post office considers it a package and will cost $2.07 to mail.
Mail your cards no later than October 14th to:
Karen Isaacson
PO Box 532
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
United States 



  1. I have half a dozen of those envelopes within my reach right now!!!! I love the patterns and they make great bases for zentangles too! This is going to be a fun one too. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry

  2. Oh yeah, I can dig out my security envelope stash and use it... I even know where that is..!

  3. Love those trees amazing. xox

  4. These cards are stunning! I especially like the first two of yours, Karen, and those lovely, witty cards by Gina.

  5. Hahaha! I thought I was the only one that loved those patterns in the security envelopes! This is an excellent idea! I'm in!Those post cards are fabulous!

    1. By the way, I am in on this one! I will send mine to you soon!

  6. Does it just need to be postmarked by the 14th or do you need to have received it by the 14th?

    1. postmarked by the 14th. and since the 14th is a holiday with no mail in a lot of places in the US, it's fine if goes out on the 15th.