Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Painted paper challenge - due August 16

Ok, so this isn't actually a swap.
It's a follow-up challenge to everyone who participated in the painted paper swap.

Make something from one of the papers you received and share it virtually with the person who made the paper.

We all love making (and swapping) these papers, but now what?
If you're anything like me, you've got a big stash of paper just waiting to be used.
Maybe you feel it's "too good" to use.
Maybe you have no idea how to use it.

I'm challenging you to sit down and use one or more of those papers, take a picture of what you made, and send me the picture(s) via email.
I will post everyone's beautiful work, giving credit to both you and the person who made your paper.

We will all benefit from lots of wonderful ideas of what do with background papers, 
and you talented paper-painters might get to see what others are doing with your work.

Plus, this falls in the middle of my two-week vacation where I won't be able to pick up my mail, which means no scanning/posting of swap items. 
We'll all go into withdrawal if we don't have some art to share!

Ten things you could make with your new paper:
journal page
paper doll
gift tag

Challenge details:
  • make something (anything) using paper you received in the painted paper swap
  • take a picture of it
  • feel free to make multiple items/send multiple pictures
  • email the picture(s) to iamrushmore@gmail.com
  • include your name and the name of the person who made the painted paper
  • email it to me by August 16th
  • I will post all the work on the blog by August 20th 


  1. I'm doing this even though I wasn't in the swap.
    No one has to like it. But if you don't swap mine, you can keep them.

    OR, you could send me three of your papers and I'll send you three of mine! then I could do this!

    Okay, I take it all back. I'm not a cheater. No cheating for me! I'll just look at everyone else's and have some chips and salsa.