Monday, June 3, 2013

Officially Introducing "Mail Art Mondays"

It's a biweekly blog hop!

Enjoy sending art through the mail?
Want to learn more about it, or meet like minded people, or just see lots of beautiful examples?

Every other week, stop by for a new tip, tutorial, or guest blogger, then add a link to your own mail art related post or photo.

Here are just a few suggested topics:
What are your favorite materials for making postcards.
What's the best adhesive to use to make sure things don't fall off in the mail?
Where do you find cool ephemera?
What's the craziest thing you've ever received in the mail?
How do you keep track of your send/receive list?
How do you store or display your mail?
How do you get started with mail art?
What is an artistamp and how do you make one?
How does your mail carrier react to the mail you send and receive?
Have you had any mail art mishaps?
How can a person get more mail?

Link to any relevant blog post (old or new) or link to a specific photo related to mail art.
Show us what you've mailed lately.
Show us what you've received lately.
Create a tutorial, or point us in the direction of one of your favorites.
If it has to do with art sent through the mail, we want to see it.

Now grab a badge for your blog, spread the word, and get this party started!


  1. Still keeping sooo busy, I see! I'm in awe of your energy and time management skills :)

  2. Cool! I added a link to my post about my mail log. Can't wait to see everybody's links!

  3. Awesome! Mail art is SO addictive!

  4. I added my most recent sent/received post. You have some great topic ideas and I'll be sure to add my 2 cents about them. I love Stephanie's link to how she tracks her MA. I use Excel too, it's nice to meet another Excel nerd (besides you, Karen!)

  5. Added a recent link to a couple postcards I made and sent that *weren't* for MMSA (seems like everything I've made lately has been!).

    Haven't looked at the other links yet but interested to read about the Excel tracking. *love Excel*

  6. Stephanie - tried to comment on your tumbler but it makes me register with discus which I don't want to do - so here's my comment. (Sorry to litter up the comments, Karen!)

    Marvelous chart and good explanation. My method is - the pile left of monitor needs to be replied to, the pile right of monitor is done. Don't keep track of what I sent, altho I sometimes wonder. Looks like you do a lot more mailing than I do, but I think I might have to have a chart anyway LOL.

    1. Yeah, I have so many piles already, I need something more organized to keep track of it all. Thanks for taking a look and commenting (Disqus isn't bad, but I can understand not wanting to sign up for yet another thing).

  7. Fun, fun, fun to see everyone's mail. Started a list of my favorite tools/tricks for mail art making for the next Mail Art Monday.

  8. Okay...I did my blog post for tomorrow and I have a question. Do I use the Mr Linky on this old post or do I have to wait for you to start Mailart Monday again tomorrow? Does every post just pile up or is there a new batch every week?
    Thanks!...computerly-challenged here.... :)

    1. there will be a new Mr. Linky with tomorrow's post so add it to that one. glad you're linking!

  9. Hi Carlene! Thank you so much for the iHanna Postcard! Love it! I need to get on my sewing machine more often! :-)