Hi everybody - Karen here.
I'm so happy Lee volunteered to be our featured artist this week.
I became familiar with Lee's work two years ago, during the very first "Index Card a Day" challenge.  Each night I would diligently look at every single card posted to the ICAD flickr group and after a while I noticed I was stopping and commenting on cards from the same few artists over and over.   Lee was one of those people.  I started following her blog, and won a giveaway of one of her postcards (which still hangs on my wall) and we've been blogging/mail art friends ever since.
Here she is, in her own words...
Hi, my name is Lee Kreklewetz and I am an artist.  It took a long time to say that out loud and I still have a hard time saying it.  I live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.   I have been married for 40 years in August.  I know 40 years seems like a lifetime, believe  me  some days it really does.  We are both retired and getting used to being together all the time. I have a 24 year old daughter, and  a dog named Sophie.
About 5 years ago I started my blog http://leekre.blogspot.com/ and never looked back.  I originally started a blog because   I had retired and had more time in my life.  I have had a life long love of art and wanted to explore my ability to create art.   As the years went by I took many online courses, and tried to develop my own style.  It's so hard to develop your own style don't you think?  It's a matter of trial and error, and hopefully my art is unique to me.  I want people to look at my art and say "that is Lee's art."  I like bold color and strong lines. I draw and paint and add some mixed media.  I am just like a thousand other artists out there. We all struggle and have bad days, and you wonder why you make art.  But when you make something that makes your heart sing you know why you make art, it's for you, and if you get to show it on your blog and one person says that they like it that is just the icing on the cake.
I am lucky enough to have a studio in my house.  A place I can call my own and retreat down there when the need to create calls me.  When I don't know what to create, I might clean up , look at art books, take out my old journals.  I might not create anything , but just being with my art supplies makes me happy.  Also a great place to hide away when your cleaning obsessed husband is looking for you.
So now you know a bit about me, and  hopefully you will also submit your artist profile to Karen and I will get to know you and your art.  Karen and her art has been an inspiration to me, an art making machine, so beautiful and unique. So thank you Karen for allowing me to introduce myself to your readership