Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bookmark Swap - postmark by July 22

Here's another repeat of a quick, easy and fun swap.

Make a bookmark - any style, any medium, any size.

Paint it, knit it, fold it, draw it.
Anything goes*
Either put your name and email on the back, or attach a little note with that same information so that your partner knows who to thank (and how to reach you.)

*but please don't coat your bookmarks with mod-podge or hair spray because in my experience those always stay a little bit sticky and that's no good for something that's going to live it's life pressed between paper.  Read this post for some ideas on alternatives.

  • make a bookmark.  (or two or three. You'll get back the same number you send.)
  • put it in an envelope with:
    • the amount of postage it cost you to send it to me.
    • a mailing label with your address on it
  • Get it in the mail to me no later than July 22nd
    • Karen Isaacson, PO Box 532, Shrewsbury, MA 01545, United States.

(images in this post are bookmarks I created.  To see what was made for the first swap, click on the label below this post that says "bookmarks" and it will bring you to all the past bookmark posts)


  1. This is so funny because I had just written down in my ideas notebook "Bookmarks"!
    I'm doing this one! :)

  2. I've got mine started!

  3. Are there only the three of us?

    1. I have a bunch so far. Since there is no sign up requirement I never know exactly how many I'll get but were off to a good start.

  4. Did my bookmarks arrive?
    Just checking.

    1. they did and they are wonderful! I'm still catching up on a back-log of mail from my long weekend out of town. They should be posted over the weekend.

  5. Thanks. This is my first swap....I was hopeful they would be ok.