Friday, May 3, 2013

Pink - part 4

Here is the fourth and final installment of the pink cards.

I love these cards from Lori.  They have such a dreamy quality to them.
(so glad you're swapping with us!)

Mary's cards are rich with layers

Melva's two cards are totally beautiful and totally different.
How much do you love that pig?

Paula has a nice botanical theme going on.  I'm quite taken with that leaf on the third one.

Peggy says the woman on her second postcard is her grandmother's sister.
(love that caption, too!)

I think Ria has spring cleaning on her mind, whereas I can't stop checking out those paisley sneakers in the second card. 

Robin sent three gorgeous mixed media cards with fabulous stitching from New Zealand.

The ric-rac on Shirley's top card brings back childhood memories.
(do they still call it ric-rac?)

Tallie's collages never fail to delight me.  I love the retro vibe on this one.

Tameko's card makes me want to accompany her down the winding ribbon of the her journey.

When I opened Tina's envelope and saw this face, I laughed out loud. It's impossible to be grouchy with this one in your hand.

Every time I look at Trula's first card I think "it's so beautiful in its simplicity" and then sort of smack my hand on my forehead because of course the word is stamped right on there planting the idea in my head.  But still, my ridiculousness notwithstanding, the card is elegant.

Last, but not least, I'm so happy to have Yvonne joining us for the first time.  I just love the grommets on her card.

So that's it.
108 cards!
My task for the evening?
108 labels, 108 stamps, 108 more opportunities to enjoy your beautiful cards before I send them out tomorrow.


  1. I love them all!! Just amazing. I have tried to figure out in my head how you do the "swapping" without sending someone their own card! Anyways, I can't wait to see what arrives in my mailbox. And, again, thank you.

  2. I lay out all the cards on top of the envelope in which they arrived so I can remember who made them. Then I write everyone's names on tiny post-it notes, (or in this case I print all 108 names on the printer and cut them into strips). then I start sticking names onto postcards. If someone sent me 6 cards, I take all six of their name stickers at onece and make sure they get cards from 6 different artists (and not one of their own). I even try to match cards to what I know about you. I make an effort for high volume swappers to get mail from new swappers so that they aren't getting cards from the same people over and over again. And as I get to know people's styles I sometimes see a card and think "she would LOVE that." It doesn't always work perfectly. Every once in a while I'm left with one card on the table and one name in my hand and it's the same person. When that happens I just have to grab a different card and reassign names. This is the part of my brain that LOVES lists and order and logic. (you should see the spreadsheets I keep for this group! I'm a spread sheet nerd) It's a hugely satisfying jigsaw puzzle.

  3. Thanks! It is an impressive blend of logic and patience.

  4. WHOA! YOU are amazing (this may be getting tiring to hear, but tough! It's true!). Thanks for being our fearless MMSA leader. So many fantastic pieces by everyone! That pig is pretty darned cute. Then there's Deborah Harry-eye-Destination Unknown "Call"ing "Me!" :D

  5. Every one of the pink cards, all four batches, is absolutely gorgous and I would love to receive all of them, lol!!

    Thanks for doing this, Karen.

    I still call it ric-rac, altho I spell it differently than you do: rick-rack. Sounds the same, lol.


  6. Wow! What a fabulous group of fun-ness! I'm looking forward to seeing some pink in my mail.

  7. Wow what an amazing load of pink cards. Thanks for popping them all up for us to see. so creative.