Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pink - part 3

This swap has been impressive, not only in the sheer number of cards, but in the variety.
Joanne put it very nicely in a comment on part 2
"It's easy to do a few postcards and think you've exhausted your range of creativity, that you've done everything you could possibly do with the theme. And then you see what other people have done, and you realize that you imagined a scant crumb of it."

Enjoy this bounty of creativity!

Three great cards from Kathy
I love those tulips and I'm so happy it's finally tulip season in my neck of the woods.

Katie's collages explore such a range of colors.
It's remarkable how many shades she found.

Lauri Crowe sent this wonderfully vibrant series of paintings

I just love the cat quote on the first of these cards from Laurie Morris

I love the pen work on Leslie's  cards.  I need to remember to use outline more often.

The backgrounds of Lorinda's cards have luscious layers of translucent papers

Lucinda  sent a lovely assortment.  Recognize those flamingos from Jean's collage sheet?

I'm so glad Marge found MMSA and decided to send us these awesome cards.

As always, I've linked the artist's name to a place where you can see more of their art.
Click through and say hello once in a while!
(and if I ever forget to link your name, please send me an email so I can fix it!)
 I still have about 30 more cards to post.
In the meantime I'll post pictures of some of the great art that's been coming in for other swaps.


  1. Well, it's official. After seeing Laurie Morris' first pink card, it is confirmed that I am, in fact, a Cat.
    These are all so awesome in so many different ways that they can't possibly be listed. Who woulda thunk that Pink is SO popular!! :D

  2. It is truly a labor of love to post all of these... thank you Karen!