Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meet the artist - Carroll Davies

Hi there, everyone!
Carroll here, doing this artist profile thing...bear with me, ok?!
I grew up as an army brat, the oldest of three, back and forth between the US and Germany, until the parents split...then we just gypsied around in pursuit of I'm not sure what, enlightenment, other granola lovers, happiness, would need an afternoon to explore that subject with my mom.

Let's see, I have always been encouraged to be creative by my parents,mostly my mom- she supplied the tools, the time and the appreciation for all my endeavors, thanks mom! She taught me how to sew, how to knit (twice), and how to crochet and always looked for kits and projects to do with us. She is pretty cool.

I had some encouraging teachers during my school age years, except the one high school teacher who told me on day one that she could tell we would never get along!?! What's up with that, right? Well, I skipped half that year any way...
 I chose not to go to college, instead spending some years doing volunteer work with the Camphill organization, living and working with mentally handicapped grownups, and also several other jobs (mostly within the food or hospitality field). Art was a hobby and sometimes a tool during these years, especially with the people I worked closely with in those Camphill communities.

Well, I fell in love and had babies and that put a hold on art projects, but allowed me to become well practiced in cooking, organizing and the seat of the pants way of dealing with stuff that comes with raising kids, cats, chickens, etc.!

Now, as I've stopped working outside of the home, and have gotten the boys to the stage where I can have them help with the dailies of life  and make themselves snacks and entertainment, I have the fortune to be able to create for hours, instead of minutes at a time...weee!  And the best part is -- it doesn't all have to be put away in between times...Yay!! 

This is possible with the lovely support of my dear spouse, who encourages me and (only partially in jest) hopes that one day my art will support his old age! He is also my tech support,as I am completely hopeless when it comes to computers and online anything...He even had to untangle me from yahoo/flicker when I tried to set up an account by myself!

I have found that doing something creative helps me keep an even keel and stay sane . Sometimes it is being depressed that stops the creative flow and then sometimes it's not being creative that gets me depressed...makes sense, right?!  I don't know how many nights I stayed up into the wee hours (after getting a fussy baby back to sleep) doing something creative, painty or glue-ish, maybe stitched,and possibly all three... but certainly quiet! 
Working in the duct tape journal I received from Terrie Purkey as part of the MMSA swap

So, now my biggest hurdle with the whole art thing is the possibilities of selling, for alas I am not very good at representing myself fairly or confidently. It's always been something I do for myself, and as presents, you see...

I have sold, and do really enjoy having my art go out into the world. Our local food co-op even gives membership hours for hanging art in their cafe space- very fun! ( And that's a further 4% off the mark-up price...) Even if it only keeps me supplied i do want to sell! 

So that's me, for now, except to say it's been a pleasure swapping here at mmsa and getting to know some  of you is a real joy.....
Note:  Carroll's on-line name for commenting is Big Mamabird.


  1. Hi Carroll! Pleased to meet you!

  2. Absolutely delighted to meet Carroll! I have one of her stunning Ode to My Cats postcards on display next to our eating/crafting table. It inspires my children and me with its many layers and gorgeous colors. Plus, the kids like to look for the cat hairs that Carroll hinted might be part of the art, which is great because it makes them look very, very closely at the card. Thank you!

    1. just makes me grin, imagining that scene...

  3. I am new to this blog and check in every once in a while. HOWEVER, this post just stopped me in my tracks! Carroll, you have a fantastic talent. I absolutely love your work and your back story. Army brat that served in frankfurt for some time here too! Best of luck to you!! xo

  4. how fun to get to know Carroll a little more here. I also just retrieved a delucious pink postie card from her in my mailbox and have also enJOYed a green postie card, too!! so lovely to hear about your Camphill experience. I have thought to DO that myself and would love to ask you some questions.
    Carroll, your work is uncommonly deLIGHTfull and brilliant!!

  5. It's nice to get to know you, Carroll, and your gorgeous work, too.

  6. ok Currie, i will contact you through your blog...
    and thanks!

  7. I too have been the recipient of some your artful cards and it's always a delight. I find many similarities in our life stories...I grew up an Air Force brat and moved all over the world (I swear that's what infected me with this travel bug!) though maybe not as randomly as you. Have two boys and I remember loving that time when they were finally capable of managing themselves (mostly...luckily they still mom once in a while). I'm so glad Karen is doing these because I get to learn a little more about some of my favorite people - more than you can share on the back of a postcard!

  8. Oh yeah, I'm so glad to see you're using my tape journal. I still have the one I received on my desk - afraid to 'ruin''ve inspired me!

  9. Love meeting Carroll, and her quirky art. I wish her sales opportunities galore.

  10. WOW! Great story, and I love the pieces she's shared with us. Those colors!

  11. Great story and great art! Love those bunnies, so much character. I hope your art does go out into the world...