Friday, May 31, 2013

Mailing tip

Humidity season has struck Massachusetts, and I'm noticing that cards mailed together in a single envelope are starting to stick together.  So far there have been no casualties, but there have been a few tense moments as I gingerly separate the items.

Here's a tip to protect your gorgeous work in transit:
place a small sheet of wax paper, parchment, vellum or freezer paper in between each card.

Like so:


  1. Thank you for the tip! You can always make some sewn envelopes or something from all the wax papers you'll collect, LOL!
    Hugz :)

  2. A greatly helpful and easy step to take!

  3. Ah yes...enjoying humidity season....NOT!!

  4. Good idea, it is certainly sticktogetherweather here.....xox