Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mail Art Mondays

So here's what I'm thinking - I want to host a blog hop in which we share our best mail art tips with each other.
At first I thought I'd just do this as a one time thing - announce a date, put up a Mr. Linky gadget and let everyone link up blog posts, pictures, and tutorials related to making art that can be sent through the mail.
But then I thought maybe it should be a regular feature (called Mail Art Mondays) I could share a tip each week (and have guest bloggers write posts some weeks) and there would always be a Mr. Linky at the bottom)

FYI - the Mr. Linky tool is an easy way for people to paste the url to a blog post, you tube video, flickr photo, etc.  Everyone who posts a link gets added in a list, and visitors to my blog post can then click through the list of links to see what others have contributed.
So I'm looking for your thoughts.
Would you read this?
Would you link something of your own?
How should it be structured? (I doubt I could pull it off weekly, but maybe twice a month?)
Should each week have a theme - such as "best gluing tips" - or should each week be open to any kind of link?
I'm afraid I'll run out of topics if each week is a theme. 
The things you share wouldn't necessary have to be "how to" posts.  They could simply feature interesting things you've sent and received in the mail.

Can you tell I'm thinking out loud here?
Help me flesh out this idea by leaving your thoughts in the comments.
Also - does anyone want to design a "Mail Art Mondays" logo/blog button?


  1. I have lurked here for a while and been so tempted to join in but have never quite built up the courage. Just when I'm about to, I see the high standard of artwork and take my hovering finger away from the 'send' button!

    Mail Art Mondays is a great idea! I enjoy sending out Mail Art and have some Mail Art swap buddies, swapping on a monthly basis with a shared theme. I'm afraid I'm really rather stupid and have no pearls of wisdom to offer, but would be happy to share some of my own Mail Art. This is the kind of thing I have done;

    Once/twice a month would seem to me to be a more realistic target than weekly and I'd keep the topic open rather than specific.


    1. Joanna said, "I have lurked here for a while and been so tempted to join in but have never quite built up the courage. Just when I'm about to, I see the high standard of artwork and take my hovering finger away from the 'send' button!"

      There are two ways to do things. Hit the "send" button, and drop an envelope with some of your handcrafted MMSA mail art in the mail. And while you might be uncertain about the former, I hope you're not shy about the latter.

      I hope that you send in an item or two for one of the upcoming swaps. Look around to see what others have sent in previous swaps, and then borrow/adapt/modify/combine those ideas to your heart's content.

      I "lurked" for a while, too, but never learned how much fun a swap was until I tried one. I like seeing all the posted artwork, and then the anticipation of waiting to see which one shows up in my mailbox. It's a bit like prizes in cereal boxes or Cracker Jack. You may know the various options available, but until you eat through all the caramel corn, you don't know which one you have.

      Besides, the point of mail art is to improve art skills, wherever people are, and to connect with other artists. And the way that Karen has set things up, you will receive mail art piece-for-piece, so there's no sending something off and getting nothing in return.

      Here's hoping to see you in a future swap.

    2. Thank you, Joanne - you're been very encouraging!

    3. Hi Joanna, It's not about comparisons or competition, it's about sharing and getting to know other people with similar interests. There's lots of potential for learning (daring to try) new techniques. Participating in the informal exchanges has boosted my creativity tremendously! Send me something and I'll reciprocate. I'm near the end of the informal exchange list. Honi

  2. I am new to mail art so i would love tips and help.

  3. I would definitely read and follow something like that - no matter what. Maybe do something in-depth once a month as Joanna suggested (like the first Monday of every month -something easy to remember), but do an open blog hop weekly? That way you could stretch it out.

    As for participating myself, I tend to think I don't know anything "new" or interesting as far as techniques and stuff...I've gotta psych myself up to even post on my own blog most of the time, lol.

  4. Oh, Joanna (first commenter) - you're mailing off work like that but you're afraid to join MMSA?!? Your stuff is great! Complex and interesting. Join!

    Anyway, I think an open theme is good cause then there'd always be a smattering of tips on a variety of subjects. I would totally link my mail art blog posts, and would be happy to be a guest blogger. Not that I'm the Queen of Mail Art Techniques, but I do a lot of it and have a few tips to share. A video here and there would be cool cause I always really enjoy watching someone else work. They often have a different way of doing something or throw in a new twist I haven't seen before. Go for it, Karen.

    1. Thank you so much Leslie - you know I might just join in sometime (soon.....!).

  5. Hi Karen,
    I'd definitely read and follow and likely upload links to my work. What about "Mail Art Monthly" instead of "Monday," and do it once a month?
    Will be sending out "Orange" postcards later this week!

  6. I like the idea -- I love tutorials and how-to's and just general tips. You know, I may even have some tips to share myself!

  7. I admit to being as befuddled before the lingo as you were at first reading about MOOCs. What is, after all, a "Mr. Linky gadget?" Is it something manual, with a crank, like a hand can opener?

    So while very little of this post make any more sense to me than Lewis Carroll's "slithy toves" (which Cara's eye creatures kind of remind me of), something about "guest bloggers writing posts" seems comprehensible.

    I'm not sure what guest bloggers would write, but it would be nice to hear from others, or to contribute myself, especially with regards to mail art. Thus, maybe do something along that line, whatever that actually is.

    1. thanks Joanne - it's easy to forget not everyone knows all the lingo. I added a little explanation about Mr. Linky to the post. Hopefully I explained it well.

  8. Mail Art Mondays sounds like a great idea. I would read, and participate. I think twice a month is good, and an open theme. Maybe just sharing your latest mail projects, tips, and or techniques.

  9. Good grief woman - don't you have enough to do? This is a fab idea and would hopefully encourage more to try new and different things. I absolutely would read and support and contribute.... I like the Mail Art Monthly though you could start more often and pull it back depending on the feedback/volume of tips, etc. You're a rock star!

  10. I love to hear about techniques or tools or ways to organize. I co-op some of my best ideas that way ;) I would love to share and semi-monthly sounds good.

  11. Holy Crap, Karen! I don't know how you do it all! I would love a Mailart Monthly or weekly or whatever. I promise to continue to lurk endlessly, but never actually get around to creating anything or posting about it... :P